My Day

It started off with an appointment with my doctor for a check up. He seems to be a bit concerned about my blood work and wants to look at my CT immediately. So I'm guessing he'll get back to me very soon for an update.

Then I had annother doctor appointment to get a CT done. Check :)

Then I had strolled around for a while and got some stuff on the sale. I haven't been shopping in a while and seeing as so much was on sale (half of half price ;) I thought I'd make a couple of purchases. Bought some sweaters that I'd been eyeing for a wile ;)

Then I met up with the Ung Cancer (Young Cancer) Stockholm crew for coffee. It's so nice hanging out with them because they understand everything I'm going through, and I understand them. I don't have to explain why I feel the way I do sometimes, or what I've been through, and neither do they. We just get it!! Of course we talk about stuff, but there's no justification needed nor is there any raised eye brows or concerns that someone might not be able to "take" it. I just home.

Got back, had a small plate for dinner and now in bed watching the Simpsons :)

Will blog more tomorrow!! Night night xxx

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Everyone should take care about their health. They will avoid a lot of problems related with it.

2012-01-19 @ 10:08:37

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