Dear Humanity...

The Best Things in Life are Silly

Pink Marshmallow

Hutch and Me

Here I am, trying to play with Hutch and entertain myself. This is his repsonse...damn dog!!!

I sound so pissed off at the end haha.

My Long Day

What A Day!

Things to do when you're bored

Good Day

So overall, today's been a good day. Well the second half of it was a good day...and I'm going to hang on to that second half because that's what counts. Because of that, I'm sharing my happy thoughts and mood with anyone who's interested :)

Dear 16-year-old Me

For everyone who does not understand's the English equivalent of the video posted earlier.

Kära 16-åriga Jag...det är OK!

Why do we Have Tear Ducts?

Uploaded another video.

My First Video....

I feel like a mother keeping track of her toddler...Jacks first step. Jacks first puke. Jacks first fart.
Well...this is Hebs first video...just talking about random shit when I can't sleep.

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