One Month Down...Five More To Go...

Recently I've been feeling one of the more uncomfortable side effects. I get a weird tingling sensation, numbing feeling in the tips of my fingers...I can't feel the tip of my fingers's not the nicest feeling. It's called Neuropathy. This side effects need to be monitored closely by my doctor or else it could result in permanent damage. So, being the hero that he is, slightest request and he accomodates to my needs. This was his solution:

Vitamin B6. Guess how many? 14 a day. 7 in the morning and 7 at night. This is not too bad, BUT even the pharmacist was a bit shocked when she heard that. But she confirmed it with my Dr. and yepp...14 additional tablets a day haha. HILARIOUS!!! I won't even manage to fit them all into my medicine box...what to do?

Will update later.

Reminiscing My Third Chemo Date

I always have to do a blood test before chemo.

My hand is patiently waiting.

Drawing some blood.

Tighten that hand up to suck out the blood from me ;)

One of my chemo injections.

My medicine box. I chose a nice color to associate it to something good.

Pop some pills and get better ;)

Third Time's a Charm

So, no news...I had my third chemo date today. Yet again, I stretted in there (well, I rolled in there, but you get my drift) and chit chatted away with the nurses and the rest of the patients. Of course, all dressed up (even though I was contemplating not getting dressed at all with the pain I was in), nails painted, hair done, the lot. I walked in there...smiling...unafraid..and determined. It's hard...I'm not going to lie. It's hard succumbing to the idea that I am in the process of getting weaker and that sometimes I won't have control of the side effects that hit me...especially when they come so suddenly. But nevertheless, it's only temporary. I intend to live a long and happy life, if it means getting weaker for just a couple of months, so be it. The hardest part, hands down is the emotional war the cortison is causing me. One minute I'm happy, hyper, content. The next minute, I'm furious, anxious, and crying. And by the end of it I don't even know what hit me or why I felt the way I did...or what triggered it. It's frustrating to be like this. I know it's the medication, or maybe the medication is just bringing out feelings I already had. I don't know...but I'm trying to find out :)



I feel like my hand and arm are going to explode. I'm feeling an explosive pain in the arm where they injected chemo. It keeps swelling and the pain is unbearable. I think I'm going to have to talk to my doctor tomorrow, I can't keep having this...or can I? It's a side effect I know...but it's not a pleasant one.

To top it all off, my face is now rounder than the moon. And my neck and shoulders have puffed up too. THANKS CORTISON...YOU'RE THE BEST!!!


Round Two: You Don't Scare Me!!

Well hello there. So I went on a date with chemo again yesterday. I came on time like a lady should, and I got all dressed up for the second date. This time I thought I'd be a bit more funky with a tie and suit jacket. He was fact so impressed he stayed with me for 30 minutes...a WHOLE 30 MINUTES. I can tell you this, he's getting better. It's fun. I will never fall inlove with him even though he will save me from the villain himself, LCH. I just don't want a long term relationship with chemo, just a fling ;) Nevertheless, he's charming, entertaining...and just a bit mystical. Ah chemo...what have you done to me? Got me talking JIBBERISH!!!

In all seriousness though, I've just been taking it easy today. I've been making so many phone calls over the past two weeks and I just wanted a break to chillax, and chillax I was after all quite the date ;)

I'm going to make a video later today so for's a bomb of pictures from my first and second chemo DATES. Let's not call them sessions, it's so booooooriiiiing!!!

He made me smile.

I looked at him in scepticism.

But he made me look forward to our next date.

I dress to impress.

Dear Mr. LCH, watch me stick my tongue out at you.

'Amma 'bovered?

My poor little hand, with my poor little veins that are being butchered.

But I took it like a champ ;)


Side Effects

So, I've started to feel some of the side effects of the treatment. Last night I didn't sleep until 4am because my veins were pulsating and hurting me in the arm they injected the treatment (don't have a port.) I've also been feeling a bit of nausea and sickness, but nothing too bad. I get dizzy at least twice a day. But nothing dramatic, nothing drastic, and nothing I can't handle so far. 

Tomorrow, I have my next chemo session. One step closer towards the end. I'm happy!!!


First Chemo Session - Check

Nattis and me. Happiness in a nutshell. 

*Yes, even though I'm hyper by nature, I'm way more hyper than "normal." :)


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