1st Day of 2012

So, here we are, yet another year has passed and another 366? days to get by, hopefully ;) 

So, 2011 is over, gone..it's passed away. Wow, it's a weird feeling really. I feel like I've just broken up with a guy haha. No, in all seriousness though, it doesn't feel so weird. I mean, at the end of the day, today is just another day in life. It just had a different label and today is well...extra special because it marks the beginning of a new year. What an existential paradox?! Another regular day but so unique because it's the beginning of something new.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a completely different theory on this whole new years thing. I don't really think that December 31st or January 1st should be the new year in 9 billion people's lives. Why? Because ever individual has their birthday, surely THAT is the NEW year for each person right? Why celebrate a new year that technically has no special significance to us (well except those born on these two dates ;) My point is, we have all fallen for the belief that New Years Eve is actually, the NEW YEAR for us all...nope...check again...the new year began on your birthday. 

Anyway, enough with that philosophy and on to a new one. Resolutions. I've come to decide that I don't really believe in resolutions. Why? Because 90% of people I know that have a New Years resolution don't actually keep it. So why try? Surely, the point of a resolution is to change something in your life somehow, whether it be big or small. Shoudn't this be a part of your life style? I'm not saying you have to change things immediately, or keep to them religiously...but if you really want to make a change...why ALWAYS wait for the new year to come to make these resolutions? Why not just try to do it, whenever you can. Why wait...365/6 days to come to this conclusion? New beginning? Magical? Celebratory? Yada yada yada. You shouldn't need these reasons to change things. It should come from within! 

Enough with my ranting, I want a cup of tea. Will be back..soon...xxxx


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