When Did This Happen?

My baby brother. My favorite person in the whole wide world. My best friend. My everything. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED???? When did he grow up so fast? He's a head and a half taller than me and he's...well...all grown up. 

Kareem, age 17.

Kareem. Superstrong.


Postat av: Tanya

OMG! He's so handsome! Let's arrange something between him and Ayda ;)

Seriously though - so frickin handsome and all grown up!

2011-09-17 @ 10:42:30
URL: http://choima.tumblr.com
Postat av: Anonym

Haha oh fun.. ;)

2011-09-17 @ 10:52:25
Postat av: Ayda

Oops it should say my name and my tumlr name there but stupid internet is being a real pain in my bottom.

2011-09-17 @ 10:53:36
URL: http://aydatamay.tumblr.com

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