Round Two: You Don't Scare Me!!

Well hello there. So I went on a date with chemo again yesterday. I came on time like a lady should, and I got all dressed up for the second date. This time I thought I'd be a bit more funky with a tie and suit jacket. He was fact so impressed he stayed with me for 30 minutes...a WHOLE 30 MINUTES. I can tell you this, he's getting better. It's fun. I will never fall inlove with him even though he will save me from the villain himself, LCH. I just don't want a long term relationship with chemo, just a fling ;) Nevertheless, he's charming, entertaining...and just a bit mystical. Ah chemo...what have you done to me? Got me talking JIBBERISH!!!

In all seriousness though, I've just been taking it easy today. I've been making so many phone calls over the past two weeks and I just wanted a break to chillax, and chillax I was after all quite the date ;)

I'm going to make a video later today so for's a bomb of pictures from my first and second chemo DATES. Let's not call them sessions, it's so booooooriiiiing!!!

He made me smile.

I looked at him in scepticism.

But he made me look forward to our next date.

I dress to impress.

Dear Mr. LCH, watch me stick my tongue out at you.

'Amma 'bovered?

My poor little hand, with my poor little veins that are being butchered.

But I took it like a champ ;)


Postat av: Farah

love the pics hebs. jag är så stolt över dig! om något sånt skulle hända mig, Gud förbjude, så hoppas jag verkligen att jag är lika stark som du. pussss

2011-10-01 @ 09:32:49

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