What's the Story Morning Glory?

Yet again...I wake up in the morning with concerning news.

My dad calls me after getting the rest of the pictures from the scan. My small intestine is highly inflammed and we need to know why? Is there internal bleeding that we cannot detect? Has the histiocytosis infiltrated my intestine? What's going on? Abover that, my muscles in my back and my chest are very very inflammed. Of course, this could be because of tension or walking with crutches. But why? The suspected lesions he found from the CT were also highly contrasted. Additional lesions or something else. The bone marrow in my spine was also highly contrasted. Something to do with my anemia? I DON'T FUCKING KNOW!!! 

Let's find out in a couple of hours. I'm dressed. Had my coffee. Nails painted and pretty. Just going to fix my hair and head off to the hospital. I'm starting to hate hospitals.


Did you know there's a flower called Morning Glory? I think it's my new favorite flower.

There's also the Morning Glory Pool. It's amazing. This site is found in the Yellowstone National Park in the US. It's named after the flower shown above. The cool colors of the pool are due to the bacteria that inhabit the pool. I wouldn't want to bathe in it, but I could look at it forever.


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