Eighty Four Hours...

...and counting until C-Day. I'm afraid to go to sleep. Everytime I fall asleep it's one day closer to THE day. It sounds so dramatic. I think it's just hitting me. I'm not distraught. I'm not crying my eyes out...YET! But I am counting. I tried hard not to burst out in tears all day. I woke up reminded that today is the end of this week. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week. I don't want to cry. I don't want to be sad. So I do everything I can to keep myself from being sad...or from crying for that matter. I read a bit of a book. I played with Hutch. I watched a few episodes of a series. I feel like I'm going around waiting for WWIII to begin. There's a knot in my stomach.

I keep trying to focus on the positive things happening. I look out my window and admire how Fall colored our garden. Fall is always the most handsome of the seasons. A splash of brown, a dash of red, and hints of yellow. The wind slowly breezing through putting the leaves in motion, swinging, almost singing the sweetest lullaby.

Where are you going, Fall? Take me with you, please!!! I'll go wherever you want to go, don't leave me here.

But he will. He will leave me here. I will stay put, watching Fall fade away. He never stays forever. Winter will come early this year. I can feel her presence in the air. She's become impatient. She's jealous of Fall. I can feel chills running through my skin, deep in my skin. She wants my attention. But you're always my favorite, Fall. You're always the beginning of new fun things. Why not this time? Why did you give me something different to look forward to? Come back, let's be friends again. 

Today wasn't the best day. But today is still a good day. It could have been much worse! I did good. I pulled through. I'm still smiling. I'm still standing (literally.)

I'm OUT!!




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