From Bad To Worse.. yet again, I started my morning with shitty news. But first, let's turn back time to about mid-August. A radiologist put me through a CT-scan that isn't as advanced as the one's used today. Basically, technology has advanced. That was the first mistake. Mistake number two: she sliced up the pictures really thick. When examining oncology-related scans, you have to slice the pictures up really thin to capture all dimensions and aspects of the tumors/lesions under examination. Mistake number THREE: her conclusion was that the lesion hasn't developed, that it's smaller than what the dr's evaluated in Egypt, and that I have no risk for fracture, AT ALL!!!! far so good.

My gut instinct was that something didn't make sense. So, I demanded to do a CT-PET before I started my treatment. They made me wait for 2 and a half weeks.

My dad calls me this morning and tells me not to move, not to go anywhere, and not to do anything. The lesion in my hip has spread so much, there's 9mm left of it. There's nothing left. One wrong movement and I will snap in half. We thought it was bad before, but this is worse. My disease is acting quite aggressively...more than we imagined.

I've been laughing all day. It's either that or crying. I chose to laugh. It's the easier way out of the chaos I'm in.

I came to Örebro walking. I'm going back to Stockholm in a wheelchair.'ll live longer and you'll look prettier in whatever state you're in :)


Postat av: H

As I said, "Jag skrattar", there is nothing good coming from crying. Make it you'r way, not the way!

2011-09-13 @ 14:42:34
Postat av: Nejra

Har tänkt på hela situationen ända sen jag åkte ifrån dig idag, Hebbah, och jag tycker du är grym och stark. Många stora kramar från mig!

2011-09-13 @ 18:04:05
Postat av: Hebs

@H: Watch me! Jag skrattar. Words to live by ;)

@Nejra: Åh Nejra. Dina varma ord betyder så mycket för mig. Tack finaste. Många stora kramar från the crazy wheelchair girl haha

2011-09-14 @ 23:18:16

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