Damn the Cold!

My cold continues. But not for very long hopefully. My personal remedy is: lemon, vinegar, and garlic. Why?

Lemon: Vitamin C has been shown to boost the immune system. When more white blood cells are present to fight infection, the life of the offending virus is cut short. Lemon juice also decreases the toxicity of the virus in the body. Your entire body won’t be wracked with pain and suffering like it is when the cold is untreated. In effect, lemon juice shortens the duration of the cold. (copied and pasted)

Vinegar: If you have a congested chest (which I have) the vinegar helps clear this. You can either inhale it in steamed water or mix it together with the ingredients I take. Your body also becomes more alkanalized (if that's a word) when you're sick. Vinegar helps revert this process.

Garlic: In general antibiotics are ineffective against viral infections of the sort that cause most colds and flu. Fortunately garlic isn't "just" an antibiotic. As well as the powerful antibacterial allicin, garlic produces a number of other potentially beneficial compounds. Scientific research has also shown that people taking garlic can suffer less from colds than a control group. There is also plentiful anecdotal evidence that taking large amounts of garlic at the onset of a cold can reduce the time taken to recover. (copied and pasted)

I mix all three together for a potent effect.

I might stink of garlic right now. But I'd rather stink than be sick. ENOUGH WITH BEING SICK ALREADY!!!

Even though I would pop pills for pain or other types if illnesses, eating certain types of foods have reptetitively shown to have a much stronger effect on health than pills. In fact, mountains of books (with evidence from research) have been written explaining how to fight cancer or prevent the development of cancer by eating certain foods. So, if food can fight or prevent cancer, I'm pretty sure food can prevent or reduce the duration and symptoms of colds!!

I'm OUT!!



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