Best News in a While

Just got a phone call from no other than N in London. She's COMING NEXT WEEK TO ACCOMPANY ME TO MY FIRST CHEMO SESSION!!! I got so excited, I coughed my lungs up when we hung up. ;) Can't wait. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

And to make matters even better. J just called me and said HE'S COMING TO STOCKHOLM NEXT WEEK and he's coming over to see me too. I screamed of joy in his ear. Hallå...nånting...(inside joke).

I'm over the moon excited. I feel like I'm floating on clouds. Now I'm looking forward to next week. Who would have thought? Thank you guys for making me the happiest person ever!!!

This is about how good I'd sing if I sang "I'm So Excited - and I just can't Hide it"


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