The Hell that is Cortison

A part of my treatment is eating 50g of cortison once a day. Taking cortison for a long time can have a lot of side effects on your body. The cortison increases your insuline and therefore increases your appetite. Your body also tends to hoard water. Now, in order to avoid an excessive weight gain during this time is to eat small portions but often. So perhaps 6 small meals a day. Another important thing is to exclude carbohydrates or any foods that contain complex polysaccharides which are often the villains in weight gain, especially in combination with medications such as cortison.

So, basically I have to live on proteins and vegetables. That's fine with me. I would rather live off that than gain a million kg. I have already developed a moon face and I can feel my body being bloated. Even though eating this food will probably not make me lose weight, I will at least maintain my weight, or limit the weight gain to a minimum.

Don't you just love cortinson. BASTARD!!!



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