The H Word

So I spent all of yesterday and most of today at the hospital. Yesterday as mentioned to check the pain in my arm and today to discuss my treatment so far and check my blood levels. I had a nice long chat with the doctor which made me happy. It's just such a contrast to have a doctor that sits down and listens to me and answers ALL my questions as many as they may be. No stress, no frowns, no patronizing, just us...talking...about ME. He's amazing to tell you the truth. Everytime I have the smallest request he attends to it immediately. I was talking to him about my neurotic concern about weight gain and he immediately referred me to a dietition. The same when I asked him before about exercizing, he immediately referred me to a physiotherapist. I'm just not use to this, especially with the bad experience I had in Örebro. It's like heaven and'm in heaven. Who would have thought? I'm doing chemo and I'm in heaven haha.

So far my blood values are A OK! I'm reacting the way I should be to the chemo. Immune system on the decline - check! No diabetes in sight - check (woohoo!!!) And so on and so on...

Tomorrow is my third date with Mr. Chemo. I wonder what he has up his sleeve this time? Maybe a three course meal? A romantic walk by the bridge overlooking the city? Or maybe a surprise shopping spree? HAHA! Yes I have a very wild fantasy...although according to Einstein, creativity is the source of genius...hehe. All jokes aside, I can't believe three weeks have gone since I first started dating Mr. Chemo. Somehow time has gone so other ways...time just flew by.

Fantastic NEWS: I finished ALL my admin work for my social insurance and applications for transport assistance. Everything is sent and all I have to do is WAIT!!!! It took....toooooooo...LOOOOONG!!!!




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