The Art of Being Creative

So, I had some time on my hands today and I decided that I wanted to make a pillow. After all, pillows are the easiest things to make. But, I was lazy and I didn't have the energy to sit and sew. So, I stapled the pillow together. That's right...STAPLED! It sounds freaky but it's not.

The key is leave enough margin between the staple and the fold so that when you fold it out again, you won't feel the staples. Now it's not the perfect pillow, but nevertheless, it took 15 minutes to make and I love it. Why? Because I made it hehe.

How to make a pillow in 15 minutes.

Necessary materials: fabric, pillows, or any other stuffing of your choice. I have seen others stuff old clothes in there, but I don't know how comforable that is.

Making the Pillow:

1. Take a fabric of your choice.
2. Fold it in half. (Make sure you have measured the size of the pillow/stuffing before you mark the edges, you want to make sure the pillow fits inside.) Make sure that you turn it inside out. 
3. Mark the edges with a light pen. 
4. Cut about 3-4cm away from the marked edges (this is not necessary if you're going to sew, but if you're going to staple, you don't want to feel them poking you when you lie on it do you?) REMEMBER DO NOT CUT THE BOTTOM PART, you will just have to staple/sew it back together again - unnecessary).
5. Start stapeling along the edges. Try to staple every 3cm if you can to make sure the pillow is well-sealed. IMPORTANT: DO NOT SEAL THE ENTIRE PILLOW. ALWAYS LEAVE ABOUT 5-10 CM TO LEAVE ROOM FOR THE ACTUAL PILLOW!!! Also try to keep it STRAIGHT!
6. When you've finished the stapeling (AND LEFT ROOM FOR THE STUFFING), turn the pillow inside out again.
7. Stuff the pillow.
8. Now comes the tricky part. Normally, I would try to sew this together. But if you don't have the energy for that, try folding it somehow so that you get in there with your stapler and staple it from the inside (folding the margins of course - you don't want the staples on the outside.)

Viola! Love it.



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