Monday - My Day

I've always liked Mondays. It's the beginning of a new week, fresh start to everything, and new energy to invest in things. I started my morning with a nice breakfast and a cup of coffee. Made a lot of phone calls (surprise surprise) and congradulated my lovely and dear friend, Nattis on her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY...AGAIN ;)

So, things are going a bit slow with the processing of my admin work that needs to be sorted. Basically, I might be without money for a while because of beauracratic procedures. On top of that I've spent like a great portion on money on expenses that should have been covered by them. So, when I get money I hope it will be a nice retroactive sum, but until then...I'm a bit broke and I don't want to touch my savings (although I've had to take quite the dip into that too.) Ah the joy's of money. But whatever, I've been a poor ass student, it sucks but what the hell? Money isn't everything and I'm living at home at the moment so expenses are not too bad. 

Update: Aaaaaaand I just got a beautiful phonecall from my Social Insurance Welfare Office telling me that I cannot get money back on some of the taxi trips I've been taking because of my hip which I am technically entitled to. So, I asked her to tell her boss to call me back immediely. I also told her that I would be sitting by the phone like a guard dog waiting for this phone call. I'm sick and tired of authorities. They will do anything...ANYTHING to get away from doing work...ANYTHING!!! Fine, if you don't want to do work, let's talk to your boss who is responsible for you and we'll see what they think about that. And if it means taking a tough tone with them so be it. I'm not going to be pushed over for ANYTHING!!!

And let's end this input with a piece of advice. Don't EVER take NO for an answer. That's what THEY want. And don't ever let them confuse you, it's such a sneaky trick that they use to get YOU confused. Follow a red thread and STICK WITH IT!!!



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