I spent my entire day at the hospital today. I was told to come in after complaining about my arm. They suspected that either I had a blood clot or that the area where they inject my chemo hit some nerve that was acting up. So, they did an ultrasound to exclude the blood clot theory. The doctor had a hard time finding my veins and vessles because they're so thin and tiny. But the good news is...NO BLOOD CLOTS!!! Don't ask me why I'd have one but apparently the symptoms could resemle that of a blood clot. But he did put me on some warning list so that if I experience this pain again in the near future, I'd go straight to emergency and be prioritized. 

I have another appointment with me doctor tomorrow for a check-up. We're going to do a full blood count to see how Mr. Chemo is treating me on our weekly rendevouz. Then Thursday I have my third chemo date. 

Right now, I'm in pain. Everwhere. My stomach, my hip, my mind, my arm, my everything. And I feel like the Michelin man. And I'm butched ("bushed" for the regular people out there who chose to use our mainstream English to communicate.)

I'm exhausted.

I don't look this happy today...but man do I LOOK like him today!!!


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