Flip Out with Intelligence, Knowledge, and Evidence

For clarification: I don't like using the approaches that I mentioned below. In fact, these approaches are usually the LAST resorts I turn to when I've tried EVERYTHING else. This is not who I am, nor is it how I like to deal with things. I don't just go crazy on someone, I do it with intelligence. I only do it when I'm 110% sure that I'm in the RIGHT. I also do it strategically because I always have to be one step ahead of them. Remember that I've been dealing with the authorities/hospitals for the past 10 months, it hasn't been easy and my experience with ALL of them have been nothing but bad unfortunately. Very few have actually helped me, and others have helped only when I've taken such drastic measures. But like I said, when I "flip out," I do it with intelligence, evidence, and knowledge, not from a dramatic character. I think it's important to emphasize this in case anyone reading this assumes that I just do so out of uncontrollable outbursts or from a dramatic point of view. No, not at all! I know my rights, I have studied the system, I have done my reading, and if I'm in the right, I do what I have to do to prove it, even if it means going beyond my comfort zone and nature. One thing that I can't stand, is getting screwed over.


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