It's felt like the longest day ever, yet it still hasn't come to an end. After not getting any sleep I was at the hospital at 8 to get some blood tests, then I had a Dr's appointment at 10 and then an appointment with my therapist at 13.00. 

The doctors appointment went well, despite my scepticism she was actually really nice. She admitted however that she has never encountered anyone with my disease, it's funny to hear that with most doctors except my original one haha. So everything seemed to be going fine for now, even though my values aren't ideal it wasn't anything that was too concerning at the moment which is great news for me (hey, I'll take what I can get!) She's also ordered a scan so we'll see how my hip is doing so far :)

Then I had some therapy and as usual the tears were flowing like Niagra Falls. Despite popular belief I'm going through a lot of stuff, emotionally, physically, left right, up down. There are a lot of things I have to cope and deal with and I'm glad I'm getting some professional help on the way. It's also nice to see her every other week to just vent and spue all my thoughts. 

After that I met up with a couple of friends in a mall close by. I haven't left the house in weeks (bar going to the swimming hall) and I needed to get out and be social for a while. 

It's been a loooooong day to say the least. I think I might pass out early today which is good considering the lack of sleep last night ;(

Tomorrow, I do chemo!

Good Night xxx


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