Just woke up from the dead...

yeah yeah it might not funny considering the circumstances but to be completely honest, that's how I feel. I can't help it, once I feel that wave of lethargia fall over me there's no stoping me from falling asleep. I got up about 2 hours ago and I had a bit to eat and paid my bills.

So what did I do today? Well, I felt enough was enough. Our dog needed a shower and a pedicure. Easier said than done. First I thought that it would be too cold to shower him outside. So after multiple failed attempts of dragging him to the bath, I said fuck it...it's either shower him outside or have him stink up the house. So, I dragged him out (well, I lured him out with a pig ear haha) and tied him to the fence. I thought he was going to make the biggest fuss ever but he immediately went in submissive mode and went with the flow. In fact, he even liked it, lifting his legs and paws to let me wash him thoroughly. Of course, I ended up having quite the shower with him. By the time I was done, my sister and one of my nieces had come back and she was hypnotized by the sight of Hutch (the dog) and how wet he looked from the shower (it was quite funny.) Anyway, I dried the poor thing and brought him in. Then started the biggest mission, cutting his nails. Man oh man, that took longer than the actual showering. It's not that he was being fiesty it's that he thought I was playing with him so he kept on jumping and playing and whatnot. Anyway, said and done. Hutch is now a clean and well groomed dog. 

By the end of the ordeal my back was KILLING me. I couldn't stand any longer. So I basically had a shower, had a bite to eat and passed out (hence the feeling of waking up from the dead.) Normal Hebs would have done a billion other things after that but Hebs on chemo...shit in hell. I do one thing and I'm OUT!!

So tomorrow I have a doctors appointment. It's not with my regular doctor so I'm a bit apprehensive about it. After my year with hellish doctors I usually get a bit defensive and sceptical towards new doctors. But my original doctor is amazing but he's on vacation ;(

Anyway, will try to update again tomorrow, it's going to be a long day so I think I need to try to get to bed early.

Night night/H


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