My List - once upon a time

So, I was browsing through my mail and found a list that I wrote to a friend of mine about all the things I wanted to do before I was 30. It made me laugh a bit but it also made me more determined to do it considering the situation I'm in.

1. Finish my PhD
2. Get my drivings liscence.
3. Take flying lessons.
4. Publish my articles.
5. Travel all over Europe.
6. Travel to one of the following: New Zeeland, Maldives, Mauritius, India, China, South Africa or the Carribian (and smoke weed there hahaha - kidding) hahaha.
7. Swim with dolphines.
8. Become a better person in every way possible.
10. Donate more money to children in need (suffering from war, disease and poverty)
11. Start saving money to open an orphanage in Egypt when I'm older.
12. Ride a horse with the sunrise in the desert.
14. Skydive from a plane.
17.Shower in a waterfall.
18. Sleep under the stars. (done that)
19. Reflect on my greatest weakness, and realize how they are my greatest strength.
20. Go to a football game.

I think I can definitly achieve most of these goals, in fact, I'm confident that I will. Perhaps the travelling part I'll have to wait with a little considering I'm not the richest person (financially) right now, but hey..never say never right? I know a couple are missing but I purposefully removed them because some things I genuinely want to keep private. 

I should add that I want to conquer my disease before the age of 30. Totally doable of course ;)

Right...NIGHT NIGHT!!!

Postat av: Tanya

Would Stockholm football games count too?

2012-01-03 @ 02:53:52
Postat av: H

Haha of course they count dearest ;)

2012-01-03 @ 14:31:31

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