Where There's a Problem, There's a Solution

So...I'm in a wheelchair, right? Which means I can't really exercise, right? Which means I'm going to get weaker, right? Which means I should sit and feel sorry for myself, right?


Did you know that you burn a lot of calories after 30 minutes of wheelchair-ing? I mean they have the paraolympics...so OBVIOUSLY people don't let the wheelchair in their way...quite the contrary..they use it to their advantage. As will I!!!

So, when I have the energy (and get over this cold), I will get my gear on and wheel off in my wheelchair. It also builds up upper body strength. I looked at some research and the most used muscles are the biceps, triceps, and shoulders. There was one muscle that wasn't really activiated (despite previous belief that it was), but who cares. And if you tighten your stomach muscles when pushing, you will strengthen them, too.

I still have a healthy upper body, right? (Fine, except my fractured ribs, but they're not too bad). I'm not permenantly broken am I, right? So, I'm not going to let a wheelchair stop me from being healthy, especially not NOW!!!

To be honest, I was inspired by a person I met recently. He's a lovely guy and he was diagnosed with a very, very rare autoimmune disease that impaired his hearing. The disease also temporarily impaired his balance and he was told that he wouldn't regain it again. He proved the doctors wrong and even teased them about it by dancing on the sidewalk I think it was. How cool is he? Now he's an ambitious student with a lot of intellect and wisdom. Thank you for inspiring me. 


P.S. Chemo starts on Thursday. They had no available times on Wednesday. Better for me, I can't start chemo with a cold.



I want to play, too.

So cool. Except, in some twisted way, this picture made me laugh out loud (and cough my lungs up). It just looks so funny, so unreal. Reminds me of Star Wars somehow haha.


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