Fifty-Seven Hours...

It's funny how the day works. We're so consumed by everything that's going on that we forget that the day is composed of hours, that is filled with minutes, and those minutes are passed by seconds. It's funny how one second, one minute, one hour, or simply one day can change your life. August 6th, 1945, the lives of hundereds of thousands would change in one day. Nagasaki fell victim to the first nuclear bomb, "Little Boy." Three days later, "Fat Man" changed people's lives again, this time in Hiroshima. Generations to come would still see and feel the detrimental effects caused by these bombings. It took minutes.

Everday, a person's life changes. It could be for the better, it could be for the worse. All this happens in a matter of seconds, minutes, or hours. We often take for granted that our days are filled with time when nothing of great significance happens. In fact, sometimes we wish time would go faster in anticipation that something WOULD happen. Why don't we just enjoy the fact that we HAVE time? Time that spares us from that moment, when something DOES happen. Because let's face it, at some point or another, one second, one minute, or one hour will change our lives in some way. We always hope it's for the best. But if only we were all so lucky. 

My life changed in a minute. It changed again in another minute a few months later. Metaphorically, I was struck by lightning twice. That doesn't happen very often. But I'm not going to say it changed for the worse. On the contrary. Looking back on it now, even though I still haven't started treatment, even though I still don't know how much these two minutes will change my life in the long run. I do know what these two minutes taught me a lot about myself so far. And to be honest, I look forward to seeing what effect these two minutes will have on my life in the next couple of months. 

So in fifty-seven hours, in 3,420 minutes, or in two and a half days to make things simple, my life will change for a third time around. But it's OK, I'll take that change. It's for the better. In this context, it's definitly for the better. I look forward to seeing how my minutes, my hours, and my days will develop. How I will develop. How my life will develop. In time, I'll see.

The Passage of Time

*Good Night*


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