Couldn't sleep

I couldn't sleep last night. I was tired but just couldn't fall asleep. So many thoughts just running through my head. I ended up watching Jerry Springer which by the way can't possible be based on real stories?

No, but seriously though my thoughts just won't stop. I try to keep myself busy but I'm just too tired when it's 3, 4, 5am.

I have a couple of baby pictures hanging on my wall. I look at them, I look at her. The cutest little baby with a smile that could make the sun melt. Yeah, I was a very cute baby haha. Apparentlty I was the easiest baby in the world.
Never cried or made a fuss. I was a piece of cake. Slept, ate, pooped, and laughed.

I wonder what my children will be like? I wonder if I will have children?!

I want a hug.


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