Patience is Tempting

I have no problems making phone calls to authorities, in fact, I quite enjoy pointing out their mistakes, inconsistences, and bullshit that makes no logical sense whatsoever. But what I cannot STAND is the endless waiting on the phone..."You are number 3 in line..." number 3 in line basically means they're on a coffee break and cannot be asked to answer the phone right now. Well...that's the story I've construced in my head anyway. But the best part is...the glory of the story is waiting in line for about 30 minutes only to find out I should have been waiting in another phone cew half an hour ago before their office closed. Alternative scenario: you get to them but the person in question has NO idea how to handle anything...and ends up having ME do all the work. Makes you want to break out in song don't you think?

I'm not pissed off though...just tempted...very very...tempted!!!



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