One Minute of Silence

I'm not really going update my blog tonight as I think the chemo is starting to kick in. I'm feeling sick and weak.

But on a more serious note, I would like to change the subject to a more delicate matter. Life. Life is tender. Life is frail. In fact, life is short. Sometimes we lose people we care about too soon. Even if it's not too soon, it's still difficult to deal with or accept. Anyone who's ever lost someone they love has gone through pain, mourning, and sadness. The memory of our loved one's will be cherrished forever in our hearts, forever in our lives, and they will never be forgotten. I don't think words can really describe the loss of a loved one nor do words describe the sorrow and pain that follows. Even though we do bounce back, we stand back on our feet, we learn to smile again, and we learn to live with their memory, I still think it's important to pay our respects once in a while to those we have lost but will never forget.

So, this is my moment of silence.



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