The Art of Multi-Tasking

So, I've had quite the busy morning. And seeing as my patience runs low when sitting and waiting on the phone for authorities to get off their coffee break, I try to do other things while I'm waiting. For instance, I tend to send e-mails in the meantime, or read the news to update myself about what's going on in the world :)

I even had time to make a nifty little dish, take a shower in the meantime (second one for the day, the dog jumped on me with his dirty paws) and, dress up. All this within the space of 60 minutes. Nothing better than multitasking ;) 

So here's what I cooked, it took 20minutes to make, and 30 minutes in the oven. It's a very simple dish. I'm not suppose to consume too many carbs, preferable as little as possible (medical reasons) so here's a nice dish that's healthy, flexible for vegetarians, and delicious. The dish is off the top of my head. I didn't follow any cook book or recipies.


Chicken sausage.
Fresh Broccoli (frozen works fine too)
Chilli spice
BBQ spices

How to make

1. Slice chicken sausage up into disks. Place them all around the dish.
2. Put a small click of pesto on each disk. Spread around to cover each sausage properly.
3. Cut up your broccoli and cover the sausages. I love broccoli so I just cover it so you barely see the sausages anymore haha.
4. Spice to your likings. I like it a bit spicy so I put a lot of chilli and BBQ spices.
5. Grate cheese into slices and place it all over the dish. Make sure you cover the entire dish so that it melts right in.
Put in oven, at 150 C. 30 minutes. DONE!!!!
Serve with a big click of turkish yogurt and sundried tomatoes.


Yummy and spicy.


For vegetarians: can use tofu or any kind of quorn.

This is the art of multi-tasking ;)


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