It's interesting. Diseases are interesting. Whether it be LCH, cancer, autoimmune diseases, malaria, AIDS, or whatever else there is out there (and there is plenty to go around.) We think we're invincible. We think that if we take all the right measures, we'll be fine. We think if we have money, we'll buy our health. We think if we hang out with the right people, we'll be "safe." We think if we get the right education, we'll get away from it. We think that if we choose the right partner, we'll be genetically immune. We think that if we pray to the "right" God, that we'll be saved. We think that if we wear the right clothes, we'll be able to hide from it. 

The truth is, regardless of your nationality, your social network, your income, your career, the clothes you wear, the education you strived so hard to get, the partner you think is genetically "perfect," or the measures you take to avoid, we're ALL possible targets at the end of the day. Of course, some more than others, but that is a statistic worth discussing. We strive to define ourselves, we work hard to be someone, we think that all the food that the right food will protect us (it can to a certain extent), but at the end of the day, disease can hit anyone, at anytime, and it cannot always be predicted no matter how much we try.

Disease, at the end of the day, doesn't know color, doesn't fancy clothes, doesn't care about your personality, isn't attracted to your looks, doesn't care how intelligent you are, isn't impressed by the money you make, doesn't want a big beautiful house, doesn't focus on which God you pray to, and disease certainly doesn't care where you come from.

Disease comes to ALL. So what are we fighting for in this world? In our everyday lives, we focus on a million other things. We focus on perhaps all the wrong things (not everyone, but a portion of people at least.) We go on deluding ourselves that everything we can buy, everything we can achieve, everything we can show for will protect us from disease. But it can't. It won't. So again, what are we fighting for in this world? What have our lives become? Without health, what is this all worth?

Just some thoughts.

/H x

Exactly what I'm talking about. Delusion!

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